Agnihotra Ash as Medicine

Usage and Benefits of Agnihotra Ash

When Agnihotra is performed at sunrise and sunset, the healing energy of its fire stays back within the ash (भस्म) that is left in the copper pyramid. This Agnihotra ash when used in powder form as a medicine can treat various ailments
Heal Diseases with Agnihotra Ash Medicine
Agnihotra ash therapy has been used traditionally as a home remedy in India, Germany and in many other European countries effectively. However, it is recommended to consult an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner before taking this medicine. Here are some diseases that can be healed using Agnihotra ash medicine.

Sore Throat
When you catch a cold or viral infection, you might suffer from pain and inflammation in your throat region. If you suffer from such a sore throat, take Agnihotra ash powder along with honey. You may use this Agnihotra ash powder to make a brew  (काढ़ा) also and have it to get relief from sore throat.

Dry and Whooping Cough
If there’s inflammation or irritation in your respiratory tract, but there’s no excess mucus to cough up, you experience what is known as dry cough. It doesn’t bring up mucus but it may get difficult to control it when it is present in ling fits. Whooping cough, on the other hand, is due to bacterial infection which leads to violent coughing fits and a ‘whoop’ sound is produced due to this violent kind of inhaling.
In both types of cough, you may take half a teaspoon of Agnihotra powder with honey 4 times a day. If giving to kids, adjust the amount according to their age. Little kids need a smaller amount of ash. This remedy might be able to get you rid of cough in a few days, sometimes in just a day or so. But again, this depends upon the severity of cough. 

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