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Agnihotra is an Ancient vedic knowledge, which is not restricted to caste, creed, religion, gender, financial status etc. Agnihotra is a universal truth which can be performed by anyone and benefits the entire mankind.
Agnihotra Kit contains: - 
1 Pc Tamra Patra with stand
1 Pc Chimta
1 Pc Achmani
1 Pc Agnihotra book
1 Pc Agnihotra Chikitsa Book
25 Pcs Cow Dung Cakes
50 gms Cow Ghee
50 gms Rice grains

Agnihotra kit is available @ Rs. 2,000/- per set (For sale in India only). 
Please add - Rs. 50/- for deliveries within Kolkata. Rs. 150/ - for other locations within India.
Alternatively, pay at the Save Cows India Charitable Trust payment gateway. Please call us at 9830669066 for any queries or clarifications.
Thank you!

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